Top Five Reasons Patients Seek Rhinoplasty Revisions


Rhinoplasty is commonly called a nose job. More people than you might think are harboring desires to get their nose corrected. Commonly, people seek a first nose job to make their nose smaller, fix a deviated septum, correct bumps, fix funny angles, and more. The majority of people are satisfied with their new nose. However, some patients are unhappy with the results and seek a rhinoplasty revision to get the look desired.

Unhappy With Appearance
Surprisingly, a number of patients go under the knife several times to correct a previous rhiinoplasty procedure that did not improve their appearance. Perhaps, the procedure did not produce the expected results. Often, people have an idea about the results. They want a nose that looks like their favorite celebrity or another popular figure. Even the best surgeon in the world might have difficulty producing those ideal goals.

Minor Revisions Required
Certainly, rhinoplasy is a very complicated procedure. It takes a highly skilled plastic surgeon to perform this very involved operation. Certainly, strict detail is involved every step of the way. Still, it might take two or three procedures to correct minor problems that require extra attention to get the desired results. For example, a nose that is angled incorrectly or oddly shaped.

Healing Issues
A number of people anticipate good results after the surgery. However, healing might complicate matters. For example, the patient discovers that their nose did not heal properly and they are having nasal issues. Many patients complain that bumps show up on their nose several months later. This leads to dissatisfaction with the first rhinoplasty. A revision is necessary to correct the problem.

Nose Changes
One surprising fact is that the nose will continue to change after the first nose surgery. Certainly, the majority of patients are not aware of this fact. The patient might become very dissatisfied with the changes. Therefore, the only alternative is to seek another rhinoplasty to achieve the results desired.

Unrealistic Expectations
The real deal is that a growing number of patients walk into a plastic surgeon’s office with unrealistic expectations. Many are also addicted to plastic surgery. The problem is that it is very difficult to achieve their unrealistic goals with the first surgery.




Shawn Maguire is a licensed counselor in Oklahoma City, OK.

Shawn Maguire is a licensed therapist in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Considering rhinoplasty in Seattle Washington?

Considering rhinoplasty in Seattle Washington? Talk to Dr William Portuese.

What is rhinoplasty or nose reshaping?

Rhino means nose and plasty means to shape, mold, or form. Rhinoplasty was the fifth most common procedure one by plastic surgeons in 2012, according to the latest statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Many plastic surgeons feel rhinoplasty is the most artistic and difficult cosmetic surgical procedure. I agree, because the surgeon makes three-dimensional changes which instantly alter other areas of the nose.

How important is the preoperative analysis in rhinoplasty?

Accurate preoperative analysis is 50 percent of the outcome. I encourage my patients to bring in photographs of how they envision the results. Only a limited number of experts specialize in rhinoplasty, so do your homework.

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